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Simonds International has been in the cutting tool industry longer than any other company in North America. Since 1832, the Professional’s Edge band saw blades has been giving woodworkers and metal workers the best band saw blades in the industry. Simonds has worked hard for many years to gain and maintain the respect of their customers with new innovations in manufacturing and their design processes. Simonds gained this respect by offering their customers the broadest guarantees in the band saw blade industry. Customers have been relying on Simonds blades for more than 185 years.

Simonds Blades Manufacturing

Simonds International develops and manufactures their cutting tool products in their facility in Massachusetts. Their focus on quality allows their manufacturing process to be ISO9001:2008 Certified since 1993. This is how Simonds can guarantee high quality custom band saw blades with a variety of options to meet their customer’s needs.

Simonds Band Saw Blade Type

Simonds offers one of the broadest and most trusted lines of metal cutting band saw blades, which are made to the most stringent quality standards. Their carbon blades are designed to cut a wide range of materials commonly used in maintenance shops, small foundries, furniture and cabinet factories, and woodworking shops. Simonds HardBack carbon band saw blades features a hardened tooth tip and a spring-tempered back which offers enhanced performance. The HardBack blades are high performance maintenance blades for cutting mild steel, aluminum, brass, wood, and plastic. Shop All Simonds Blades ->