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With a start in 1915 with ten-person team, Lenox Tools has grown while being on the leading edge of band saw blade innovation.  Their commitment and focus over the past century have led them to become a company with more than 900 employees that sells products in 70 countries. Lenox designs, tests, and develops their products at their 500,000 square foot facility located in Massachusetts. They manufacture hand tools, power tool accessories, and top-notch band saw blades right here in the United States.

Innovation of Lenox Band Saw Blades

Lenox Tools manufacturing places a strong focus on research and development. As one of the largest in the world in this industry, the Lenox research team maintains a strong presence in the industry to ensure they know what people are cutting. With their in-depth knowledge, Lenox’s  band saw blades research team can continue to come up with the best ways and materials to cut what their customers need. Lenox uses Six Sigma to have the top-notch manufacturing processes in place to eliminate wasted materials that get charged back to the customer. This process results in a superior “Lenox” band saw blade product with significantly lower waste and significantly higher quality.

Lenox Band Saw Blade Types

Lenox produces high quality Carbon Steel band saw blades designed for wood applications and sawmills. The Lenox Woodmaster C is our number one best selling blade. This blade provides straighter cuts at higher band speeds. This blade is one of the top lumber cutting options, due to its quality and price. Shop All Lenox Blades –>